Beauty Mark

What is a Permanent Beauty Mark?

Enhance Your Facial Appearance with a Beauty Mark!

This procedure is Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo that is created to achieve a unique appearance to enhance facial features.

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Where will you place your signature Permanent Beauty Mark?


    Each client is provided with a CONSULTATION at the beginning of their session. Kelly will provide the client with information on their options, expectations, and answer any questions. She will then proceed with performing a COMPLETE SKIN ANALYSIS based on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type by utilizing her background knowledge as a LICENSED MEDICAL AESTHETICIAN. Determining the skin type is the utmost important factor when choosing the perfect color combination for Cosmetic Tattooing. Stress no more dear friend! Kelly is a Master Color Specialist in Cosmetic Tattooing.


    CUSTOM COLORS! Choosing a color is just as fun as picking out your next favorite shade at the salon. Once the desired shade is chosen, Kelly will add modifying colors to the custom shade to reflect the Client’s unique skin undertones. It is extremely important when choosing a Cosmetic Tattooing Specialist to ensure they have the Master capabilities to correctly modify the colors to prevent color mishaps. Kelly’s Cosmetic Pigments are from the two most reputable companies based in the United states. The ink is Vegetable Based (Vegan), Carbon Free, Nickel Free, and Hypoallergenic.


    Kelly will deposit a small amount of cosmetic ink to resemble a beauty mark. She can deposit one or up 3 but she typically recommends 1 – 3 per time session.


    “No pain no gain!”. Kelly uses topical Medical Grade Prescription Numbing Agents during the procedure to keep her clients comfortable. Once the color is created and the brow shape is defined, Kelly will begin to perform the procedure. Kelly’s clients are involved during the entire process and will be provided with a mirror to address any concerns in order to achieve perfection. Once the procedure is completed, Kelly will go over the aftercare and will provide clients with a hard copy to take him (see aftercare on the ‘Aftercare’ page). The process duration from consultation to finish typically takes 45 minutes.