lip blushing

WHAT IS LASH lip blushing?

 Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo that Enhances the Shape and Color of the lips in order to create 
Defined and Youthful appearance. The cosmetic process involves redefining the natural lip shape to achieve an even Outline, Defined Cupid’s Bow, Subtle yet Enhanced Naturally Colored Lips to eliminate the need for daily lip color application.

WHY CHOOSE lip blushing?

Say goodbye to uneven, pale, or fading lips and hello to beautifully flushed and Defined lips with permanent lip blushing. This cosmetic tattooing technique Enhances the Natural Color and Shape of your lips, providing a Soft, Natural-Looking Blush that lasts for years. No more worrying about reapplying your lipstick throughout the day, permanent lip blushing gives you the confidence to smile, laugh, and live life to the fullest without worrying about your makeup. Perfect for busy individuals or those with makeup sensitivities, permanent lip blushing is a low-maintenance solution to enhance your natural beauty. Invest in long-lasting, beautiful lips with permanent lip blushing.

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Kelly is a professional. She has the skills but she also has the artistic talent. Her suggestions are spot on and you can be assured you will get a naturally flattering look, just perfect for you! – P. Broidy

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Correcting asymmetry

How long does it take to even your lips? Correct asymmetrical lip shapes including causes due to scars.

Long-lasting color

Tired of constantly applying color? Restore color in the lips for a more youthful appearance.

Natural-looking results

No more smearing and staining! Achieve subtle natural-looking results that enhance the lip shape and add a pop of color.


Ready to create a completely custom lip color? Create your own unique lip color based on your skin tone and preferences with Kelly’s unique and advanced capabilities.

Restore Lip Color with Lip Blushing


    Each client is provided with a CONSULTATION at the beginning of their session. Kelly will provide the client with information on their options, expectations, and answer any questions. She will then proceed with performing a COMPLETE SKIN ANALYSIS based on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type by utilizing her background knowledge as a LICENSED MEDICAL AESTHETICIAN. Determining the skin type is the utmost important factor when choosing the perfect color combination for Cosmetic Tattooing. Stress no more dear friend! Kelly is a Master Color Specialist in Cosmetic Tattooing.


    CUSTOM COLORS! Choosing a color is just as fun as picking out your next favorite shade at the salon. Once the desired shade is chosen, Kelly will add modifying colors to the custom shade to reflect the Client’s unique skin undertones. It is extremely important when choosing a Cosmetic Tattooing Specialist to ensure they have the Master capabilities to correctly modify the colors to prevent color mishaps. Kelly’s Cosmetic Pigments are from the two most reputable companies based in the United states. The ink is Vegetable Based (Vegan), Carbon Free, Nickel Free, and Hypoallergenic.


    Lips are not completely even in size or shape. Kelly will focus on the outline of the lips to create an even appearance and definition in the cupid’s bow. Shaping the lips correctly will enhance the lips by providing a symmetrical appearance. This will also make the lips appear larger and more youthful. This cosmetic procedure will also restore color to the lips and create a fuller appearance.


    “No pain no gain!”. Kelly uses topical Medical Grade Prescription Numbing Agents during the procedure to keep her clients comfortable. Once the color is created and the brow shape is defined, Kelly will begin to perform the procedure. Kelly’s clients are involved during the entire process and will be provided with a mirror to address any concerns in order to achieve perfection. Once the procedure is completed, Kelly will go over the aftercare and will provide clients with a hard copy to take him (see aftercare on the ‘Aftercare’ page). The process duration from consultation to finish typically takes 3 hours.

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